Coming outta my shell: I have BPD

Borderline personality disorder BPD

Dr. S told me…you have BPD. I remember that day. I started to cry, when Dr. S  started describing very aptly what I felt inside, what I had been going through, and that it had a name…it was a illness!

I wish today, that he would have called my next of kins and friends and told them this news. Told them to be kind to Raina, she is suffering. She needs rest, because she gets tired very quickly.  She needs love. She is not broken. Just needs a few years to accept and heal.

Coz, till that day no one, no doctor,  had for the first time answered my questions. Someone understands me!  I have help!

Why was I never diagnosed…could have saved me a bit of life!

Today, I must start writing…have waited 2 years.

Today, I know what BPD is…

20180325_101922today I am recovering a lot of memories…

connecting dots…

today….I want to be understood.

I want you to know!! I am here to help!


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