Discrimination between Mental illness and Physical Illness:

I have news for you…this illness can immobilise you…put you in a chair…you can loose YEARS…and decades and might even die not knowing “the answers” to “the pain you lived within”, some may loose their mind and end up in hospitals….MOST will continue to hide / not accept the POSSIBILITY !! BUT, there is only […]


A Poem

This is written for the moon by Shristi Agarwal, 13 year old…she has aptly captured the soul of my brand…”La Lune…the Moon” A moon in the Sky A jewel in the Sea A corner of art Saved up for me Beauty and Hope Imagination in your hand A ghostly white ship Has docked on the […]

Coming outta my shell: I have BPD

Borderline personality disorder BPD Dr. S told me…you have BPD. I remember that day. I started to cry, when Dr. S  started describing very aptly what I felt inside, what I had been going through, and that it had a name…it was a illness! I wish today, that he would have called my next of […]

What was I doing?

So…what do I do the whole day…ummWake upSit outside with coffeeProcess my dreamsFeel the breeze, talk to the skyDo tarot cardsSmoke ofcourseThen do 13 to 15kms on bikeLift weightsStand in the sunTalk to the universeWorry n plan a menu for sonaThen pick 3 things to achieve…tax, email, selling stuff etcShowerLunchRead murder mysteriesSleep or read moreWatch […]

Healers are healing…

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